The Story

In the winter of 2010, this statue of the Virgin Mary was found, broken in half, lying next to a dumpster, because she was being thrown away. The man who found this holy statue rescued her and took her home.

Dirty, chipped and broken in half, Our Blessed Mother was put together again. The man who repaired her requested that she be painted and have her broken hands mended. He wanted to make her new again and perfect. But the man who found her simply said, “No, she is broken, just like me. We all are broken and in need of repair. She represents the broken.”

The story of Broken Mary soon spread throughout the city: she was blessed by a Catholic priest and now stands near the altar of his church. People come to take Broken Mary, and she has been placed in hospital rooms, in hospice facilities next to the dying, and in the homes of families who are suffering from personal hardship like drug and alcohol abuse. She has been with those who are broken.

The small hands and tiny arms that embrace Broken Mary in this photograph belong to seven-year-old Oliver, who was broken during this photo. Although he was suffering from cancer, he was filled with joy and happiness. This brave little child now lives for eternity with God.

The power of prayer is just that: power, the power of God, who hears all of us when we pray, and every prayer is answered. The rosary is the story of Jesus, the Son of God, from His Nativity to His Crucifixion to His Ascension into Heaven. Our Mother Mary requests that we pray the rosary daily. Many think that they have no time to pray, and know nothing about the rosary; but this app makes it easier to pray anywhere at any time.

Everyone can join in with the recitation of the rosary daily by using the technology here. Simply select the day, recite the rosary and meditate at home, during a work break, or ride or walk. There is comfort in prayer, through the sacred rosary.

If you need a rosary, ask. Please leave your written prayer request, and know that your prayers are heard by God. While we may all be broken, we are all loved.